Dholera’s dynamic duo discussing the Dholera Smart City and beyond.

Dholera's dynamic duo discussing the Dholera Smart City and beyond.

Tune in to ANONA’s podcast featuring Rupinder Singh and Meenakshi Khurana of SmartHomes Infrastructure, as they discuss real estate investment in Gujarat, focusing on Dholera Smart City. Learn about their journey from the IT sector to real estate, driven by Rupinder’s vision for Gujarat’s potential. Gain insights into their experiences, challenges, and successes as they built their company together. Discover investment opportunities in Dholera and Gujarat’s real estate market. Dive into the future of real estate in Gujarat and Dholera Smart City’s innovative projects.


Discover more about Dholera on
www.smart-homes.in or delve into Meenakshi’s insightful blog for a wealth of information on www.meenakshikhurana.com

You may also visit the social handles of #SmartHomesDholera




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