Dholera Greenfield Smart City – A Trillion Dollar baby – Part III

Dholera Trillion Dollar Baby
You have mentioned Dholera Greenfield Smart City a “Trillion Dollar Baby”? Do you really see that happening? How do you see Dholera adding value to the economy of the country?
Yes, in next 2 decades by 2040 the entire land of Dholera Smart City will be valued at approximately a trillion dollar! From almost nil in land value to a trillion dollar real estate asset in 3 decades since 2010 it will be a commendable story.

Every year the infrastructural development is happening in Dholera and that is adding value to the land of Dholera year by year. Today the average value of land/sub plot sold in the projects inside and outside SIR is in the range of 2000 rupees to 4000 rupees per sq meter and the government selling the land at even higher prices.

We see that in next 20 years (for assumption’s sake) we expect that the land appreciates to the today’s rate of land in Ahmedabad which is around 200,000 rupees per sq meter on an average and we apply today’s rate of Ahmedabad to Dholera Smart City’s developable area of 420 sq kilometres inside SIR and 100 sq kilometres approximately on the border and outside SIR, then the total 520 sq kilometres will be valued at more than 1 trillion USD. This land value does not include the value of buildings and infrastructure that will be developed on the land. If we take into consideration the value of buildings and infrastructure then the value will be much more than a trillion dollar.

India’ first Greenfield smart city that has been planned will compete with world’s top 10 sustainable smart city. This city dreamt by Shri Narendra Modi will make every Indian proud. It will create 800,000 jobs and 2 million people will migrate to Dholera in next 2 decades,

We envision that there will more than 20 real estate developer billionaires/unicorns in making because of opportunities offered in Greenfield Dholera Smart City. Dholera will see many Real Estate developer brands like Lodha, Hiranandani and DLF emerge in next couple of decades. This opportunity will also create wealth in billions for early bird investors who are investing in Commercial, Industrial and Residential land parcels and sub plots in Dholera Smart City.

What if Modi Government is no more in power, will project Dholera be shelved?
Dholera is in PM Modi’s home state and definitely from the beginning it is considered as his pet project and lot of people feel that what if Modi government does not win next elections? What will happen to Dholera or any such big project, will it be shelved?

So, the answer is nothing will happen to Dholera or any such infrastructure project that is now already started on ground. A lot of investment at various levels has already pumped into these projects and companies like TATA Power, TATA Chemicals and Torrent Power have already purchased land and started the development work, they are certainly not dependent on any political parties now as too much of public, private and institutional funding has also been sanctioned at State and Central Government level.

Do you think this is really going to happen? What is the ground level reality as on date in Dholera?

Yes and it is already happening now as per the Master Plan. Watch our much appreciated video to see current ongoing developments at Dholera See Video➡️

About Author: Ms. Meenakshi Khurana, Managing Director, SmartHomes Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. which is the pioneer in Dholera Real Estate market as technically most advanced and innovative developers & builders.

SmartHomes Infrastructure: SmartHomes Infrastructure Private Limited, a real estate developer entered the Dholera market 6 years back and now is one of the leading and most innovative developers and land owners of inside Dholera SIR and on border of Dholera SIR. SmartHomes Infrastructure owns huge land parcels & multiple projects in Dholera Smart City. Smart Homes is focusing on developing projects in TP 1, TP 2 and 11 sub TPs of Dholera SIR which will be on both side of Express Highway near Airport and on the border of Dholera SIR.

Smart Homes mainly deals in Commercial, Industrial and Residential Land and Projects. Our customers are High Net worth Individuals, NRIs from more than 20 countries, multinational companies and its employees from organisations like ISRO, ICICI, SBI, UCO banks, Army, Navy and Air force.

International businesses that are looking to start their industry in Dholera, SmartHomes provide them end to end solutions from land acquisition, required permissions from the government for setting up an industry and residential set up for employees.

Disclaimer: These are my personal views based on my own research and experience of working in Dholera for last 6 years. Views may vary from person to person so kindly do not form any opinion without doing your own research or due diligence.
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